09 may 2023 Students From Pomorie Welcomed "Patilanci" With Applause

Hundreds of students, graduates of SU "Ivan Vazov" - Pomorie, with the person in charge - Mrs. Hristina Zelyamova, a teacher at the educational institution, welcomed the artists of the Burgas State Opera today in the hall of the People's Community Center "Prosveta - 1888" - Pomorie in the beautiful seaside town.
On the stage of the Community Center, where the Burgas Opera is a frequent and welcome guest, the cheerful musical for children by Alexander Yosifov "Patilantsi" was presented.
The students were genuinely entertained by the cheerful dynamic story based on the beloved book by Ran Bosilek "Kingdom of Patilan", which everyone knows from childhood.
The famous Patilan troupe, led by Patilan: Dana, Gana, Dancho and Gancho, Grandma Tsotsolana, Uncle Gogo, Aunt Stanislava and Uncle Strati, together with the dog Tiger /in the role of Chihuahua Lady/, created a real celebration on stage and were escorted and sent off with well-deserved applause.

May 9, 12.30 p.m., People's Community Center "Prosveta - 1888" - Pomorie
Conductor - producer Yordan Dafov
Director - Darina Glavanakova Bakardzhieva
Scenography - Ivan Tokadzhuev
Dances -  Galina Kalcheva
Assistant directors: Lina Peeva, Petar Tiholov

Baba Tsotsolana – Magdalena Georgieva
Aunt Stanislava -Darina Zaprianova
Uncle Gogo -  Diman Panchev
Uncle Strati - Alexander Perperiev
Patilancho -  Branimir Nedkov
Dana –  Kalina Popova
Ghana – Stefka Hristozova
Dancho -  Milen Dinolov
Gancho - Miroslav Dimitrov 
In the role of Tiger - a dog Lady

Organizer - Diana Berkacheva

Photos: Diana Berkacheva and personal archive