21 june 2022 Successful Second Premiere Of "Piff, Puff, Poof" At The Opera

Congratulations on the second successful premiere of the artists and the creative staff of the Burgas Opera with the musical for children by Alexander Raichev, stage adaptation and direction - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev - "The Three Little Pigs - Pif, Puff, Poof"!

Over 350 graduates of Burgas summer playrooms, as well as many children, accompanied by their parents, were delighted by the wonderful adaptation of the beloved fairy tale, presented in an original and entertaining way on the stage of the Opera.
The large audience had fun with the colorful characters - the three piglets with curled tails, Kumcho Valcho, who chases them to make a variety of dishes from them, Duck Pataran, who is moved by the beautiful poem about him from the forest poetry collection, performed by the reciter Poof, Ilko and Milko - the clowns who lead the thread of the story and reveal to the children the lessons of the fairy tale, as well as the stage workers Hilko and Filko, dressed as minions.

Mood, spontaneous children's reactions, casual communication between artists and audience, a cascade of smiles - both during and after the show, when the children were photographed with their favorite fairy tale characters - there were various emotional colors in the solar spectrum at today's show.

Admiration to all the artists who made their debut with the roles today - as the composition of the premiere on June 18, they were fully committed to the noblest mission - to bring joy to children and plant the seeds of love for art in them!

June 21, 2022, 10:30 a.m., Burgas State Opera Hall

Stage adaptation and directing - Alexander TEKELIEV 
Scenography and costumes - Anna-Maria TOKADZHIEVA
Dances - Galina KALCHEVA Galina KALCHEVA
Pom. - directors - Lina PEEVA, Petar TIHOLOV 
Arrangement, sound design and instrumental - Nina REICHEL
Actors and performers:
Puff - Polina BAHCHEVANA 
Poof - Lina PEEVA
Kumcho Valcho - Yordan TSVETANOV-HRISTOZOV

The duck - Darina ZAPRIANOVA
Ilko - Miroslav DIMITROV 
Milko - Milen DINOLOV

Photos: State Opera - Burgas