16 october 2020 World musicians Mincho Minchev&Lyudmil Angelov Play in Burgas The concert with a charitable cause in the Opera Hall on October 18 marks the 70th anniversary of Mincho Minchev

Two world-famous musicians - violinist Mincho Minchev and pianist Lyudmil Angelov, will give fans of quality music in Burgas unforgettable moments of contact with art in its highest dimensions with an extremely artistic presence in the expertly selected program of the chamber concert on Sunday, the 18th. October, from 19:00, in the hall of the State Opera - Burgas.

The recital is part of a national tour, and the first stage event will be in Varna, on October 17th. There are two reasons for the national tour. One is a charity - the two remarkable musicians will donate their fees from the five planned concerts of the Pancho Vladigerov Foundation, which organizes the International Competition for Pianists and Violinists in the name of the great Bulgarian composer. The other occasion is the 70th anniversary of Mincho Minchev, which we celebrated recently, on September 17 this year - the tour is an occasion to celebrate the anniversary - as the artistic interaction of the great violinist with the audience, which is an indisputable favorite, the divine sound of his Stradivarius. In addition to winning a number of prestigious national and international awards, in 2011 Prof. Mincho Minchev won the first prize in the name of the world-famous conductor Emil Chakarov, officially presented by the Municipality of Burgas at the closing of the Burgas Music Festival.

The pianist Lyudmil Angelov, who is known for the fact that he performs all the works of Chopin / vol. The so-called Chopin Integral /, one of the most emblematic composers of the Romantic period, shares that the upcoming concerts are special for him, because this is the first joint tour with the famous violinist. The concert tour is carried out with the cooperation of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Bulgaria.

The program, which Burgas fans of classical music will hear on Sunday, October 18, includes: Shakona in G minor by Tomaso Vitali and Suite in antique style by Alfred Schnittke, Sonata №5 in F major, Op. 24 "Spring" by Ludwig van Beethoven and the Sonata in A major by Caesar Frank. The program has combined the restrained beauty of pre-classical music with the exquisite canons of classicism. In this way, the emotional and aesthetic impact on the audience goes through different nuances, giving a wealth of perceptions.