25 november 2020 Style and Mood of the Swing Classic Concert on Friday

After the successful first concert - on July 19, this year, in the open space of the Exposition Center "Flora" - Burgas, on November 27, Friday, at 19:00, in the Opera Hall, sopranos Edelina Kaneva and Nona Krastnikova will infuse their talent and respect for swing - as a way of thinking, perception of the world and an intelligent approach to the realities of life, in the second concert event "Swing Classic". The opera singers presented swing on the Burgas stage for the first time during the summer, and the general opinion - both of the general public and of those with claims for experts in the genre - was that class is class, regardless of the approach to the repertoire and challenges. of a style that is palpably out of opera singing. In addition to the wonderful soloists and band, Burgas music lovers, who have a sense of quality music and aesthetic taste, will have the opportunity to hear compositions from the repertoire of colossi in jazz culture, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and others.
On Friday night, November 27, the Opera Hall became an oasis for the audience and one of the few places at the moment where people could feel protected, get a "dose of beauty", recharge with the much-needed positivism and fed with hope.
Edelina Kaneva and Nona Krasnikova / who a few days ago was brilliant in the concert "Primadonna-Donna-Donna Burgas stage, in stage partnership with Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova and Joanna Kadiyska /, together with Mira Iskarova - on the piano, Rositsa Toncheva - double bass, Patrick Konov - trumpet and Kiro Ivanov - drums, will show and prove that musicians with serious training and aesthetic criteria of the classical school, could perform virtually anything, as they have an intelligent artistic presence and a tangible accumulated aesthetic-conceptual background.
The performers guarantee that the audience will spend meaningful and emotional moments during the concert performance. Because swing is not just a musical trend, it is a style of thinking, a standard of behavior that radiates finesse, class, sensuality and nostalgic tenderness. This is what all the participants in the non-standard music project prove, apart from their indisputable professionalism and proven high level of interpretive skills and stage presence.
The repertoire for the concert "Swing Classic" is selected with taste, sense and measure, and between the individual performances the two soloists exchange lines with a playful taste. This is what melts the invisible barrier between performers and the audience and the concert becomes an emotional interaction of all who will choose "Swing Classic" for a pleasant Friday night. As an obligatory addition, it should be noted on this unusual but very successful musical experiment.
The concert evening will feature the eternal nostalgic melodies, carrying the surreal beauty of a world that seems to be encapsulated and protected from the passage of time and dynamic changes:
"My man's gone now" / from the opera "Porgy and Bess" /, music - George Gershwin, "The man I love", music - George Gershwin, "It Ain't Necessarily So" / from the opera "Porgy and Bess" / , music - George Gershwin, "Summertime" / from the opera "Porgy and Bess" /, music - George Gershwin, "It Never Was You", music - Kurt Weil, "I've Got Rhythm", music - George Gershwin "Lullaby Of Birthland ”, music by J. Schering, "September Song", music - Kurt Weil, "Unforgettable", music - Irving Gordon, "Someone To Watch Over Me", music - George Gershwin, "Moon River", music - Henry Mancini, "Sway", music - L. Demetrio, "Amadu Mio" - music by Doris Fischer and A. Roberts, "Libertango", music - A. Piazzolla, "Favorite Things" - music by R. Rodgers and others.
The audience will have the opportunity to experience a harmony of emotions, a magnificently recreated touch to an exquisite aesthetic universe, marked by polyphonic sensitivity and velvety finesse.




Emotional accents shared "behind the scenes" by sopranos Edelina Kaneva and Nona Krastnikova:

Edelina Kaneva:

Love at first sight!

I was a very young girl when my father on one of his many trips, as a national basketball player, brought a record to Ella and Sachmo!

That's when I first heard Gershwin's Summertime! I didn't even suspect that this was the first opera for colored people in America!

Of course, Kurt Weil's Soft Knife was also was present there.

I listened to this music to the point of fainting again and again and I dreamed, dreamed, dreamed!

I am a big dreamer!

Thank God, happy dreamer, because many of my deepest dreams have come true!

This love of mine for Gershwin and Kurt Weil is for life!

Thanks to Opera Burgas and Nona Krastnikova for being the basis of this concert, which will give me great pleasure, I hope for you too !!!

Nona Krastnikova:

When I came across the album "Women in jazz" I was on tour in America. I was amazed and in love from the first listen. These singers knew how to tell stories only with their voice, feminine and sensual. This is music that requires purity and depth of expression, unadulterated passion, sincerity, which spread like a fog and embrace the listener in an invisible grip of love.

I never thought I could touch this music other than as a listener. Then last summer the Burgas Opera made "Kiss Me, Kate" - a musical by Cole Porter, which this year we performed on August 11, at the Open-Air Theatre - Burgas. During the rehearsal period, I met and had the good fortune to communicate with Edelina Kaneva - a woman and artist, whom I deeply admire. She made me believe that I carry this music in my heart and I started dreaming of a concert. You can't imagine how grateful I am to the director of the Burgas Opera Alexander Tekeliev for assigning us this dream task. Moreover - we will have wonderful musicians with us - such as Mira Iskarova - piano, Rositsa Toncheva - double bass, Patrick Konov - trumpet, Kiro Ivanov - drums.

I can not wait

For the soloists:

Edelina Kaneva, soprano, was born in Sofia and is a graduate of the State Academy of Music "Prof. P. Vladigerov"
The singer makes her debut on the stage of the Burgas State Opera. Following are 3 seasons in which she is engaged in the Leipzig Opera. Since 1996 she has been the premier soloist at the St. Makedonski National Theater. Her repertoire includes the central parts in the operas "Troubadour", "Tosca", "The Wedding of Figaro", "Don Juan", the operettas "The Bat", "Gypsy Baron", "Countess Maritsa", "The Land of Smiles", "The Queen of Smiles". Chardasha", "The Great Unknown ", the musicals" Cats "," Some prefer it hot", "West Side Story", "The Wolf and the Seven Goats ". He is a guest soloist of symphony orchestras with an oratorio repertoire. There are recordings for the National Radio and the National Television
Edelina Kaneva is a music producer of a series of Christmas concerts for BNT and BNT 2, initiator and participant of projects in jazz and pop music.
She worked on the project of the French Ministry of Culture "K and the Road to the Castle" - a contemporary opera by Carol Beffa, based on the novel by F. Kafka.
Since 2012 he has been a lecturer at NMU "L. Pipkov", majoring in pop and jazz singing, and since 2017 a music director at Alexandra Audio.
She has toured successfully in Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Israel and many others.
From 2000 to 2010 he was a regular guest soloist at the Teatro Lirico D ’Europa and the Mozart Festival Opera in the United States.
She has participated many times in the festivals Apollonia, Sofia Music Weeks, Salon of Arts, Varna Summer and festivals in Greece, Israel and Germany.
In 2018 Edelina Kaneva is part of the extremely successful project of the Sofia Opera and Ballet, "Mamma Mia" directed by Acad. P. Kartalov, in which she plays the lead role of Donna Sheridan.

Nona Krastnikova, soprano, graduated in opera singing with Prof. Mila Dyulgerova at the Pancho Vladigerov National Music Academy and has been working with her as a vocal pedagogue. She has specialized as a fellow in Modena, Italy, with Raina Kabaivanska and in the opera studio in Graz, Austria. She has participated in master classes by Ana Tomova Sintova (2011, 2014, 2015), Kiri te Kanava and Federica von Stade (2008), for a German song with Prof. Hartmut Noll and others. He won third prize at the Mirabent I Magrans International Competition (2014, Sitges, Barcelona); at the International Competition for Young Opera Singers "Boris Hristov" the same year, Grand Prix at the "Crown of Tarnovo" and third prize at the International Competition for Song Duos "Alza Respighi" Verona, Italy.
Nona Krastnikova is a full-time soloist at the Burgas Opera, where she has over ten main roles such as Mimi from the opera "Bohemia", Tosca and Madame Butterfly from the operas of the same name by Giacomo Puccini, Amelia from "Masked Ball" by Giuseppe Verdi, the Countess in "The Wedding of Figaro, Donna Elvira in "Don Juan" and Fjordiligi in "So Do All" by WA Mozart, Micaela in "Carmen" by Georges Bizet and others.
In 2011 he formed the duo "Collage" with the pianist Maria Ruseva. In October 2015, the duo "Collage" won the third prize at the competition for song duos "Elsa Respighi" in Verona, Italy.

Mira Iskarova, piano
Born in Burgas, she graduated from the National Music Academy Prof. Pancho Vladigerov, Sofia, in the piano class of Prof. Marina Kapatsinskaya. PhD student at the New Bulgarian University. He writes music for Bulgarian films and theater performances. As a composer of film and theater music, he is part of the team of dozens of short films, dramatic and puppet shows.
He is the author of the music for the films:
2008 - "The Goat" - directed by Georgi Dyulgerov, "Monologue on a piano" - short - directed by V. Kuncheva - 2006, "Memories of ocean fishing" (co-authored with Hristo Namliev) - directed by G. Dyulgerov - 2005, "Lady Zee" - directed by Georgi Dyulgerov - 2004, "You are beautiful, my dear" - directed by Georgi Dyulgerov
He is the author of the music for the play "Charlie" - directed by V. Kuncheva, the documentary series "Memories of Ocean Fishing", as well as independent musical works.