27 may 2020 Thanks to the audience of our online performances! Nearly 100,000 times the Internet productions of State Opera Burgas have been watched...

Dear fans of the art of music, objective circumstances continue to impose an unusual format of communication between artists and audiences - the broadcasting of performances online.
We thank our loyal audience, as well as the wider audience - from other cities in Bulgaria and abroad, who had the opportunity to watch our performances.

With the first open-air concert - for May 24, the Burgas Opera opens a new page. We will again have the opportunity to come into contact live with you, the audience, which is the most accurate barometer of the invested creative energy and work!

"This is a homage to our audience! It is impressive that there are more views from abroad. There must be spiritual food and I am glad that this is of interest because these are live performances. I think the initiative is good, we really have what to show, because we record 90% of our production. People should not forget us in such times of crisis as they are now, many do not like culture, but on the other hand, there are those who need it and we do it for them. Artists don't have to lose shape either, rehearsals are done online, but it's not the same and it's not enough. This coronavirus will change the cultural life, it will even change the relationship between the audience and the artists. The positive thing about this complex situation is that we can show that our art is not elitist, it has existed for centuries and it is no coincidence that it is important that we can delight our fans even online and keep in touch. with them, until the time of our live meeting comes, because nothing can replace the presence in the hall and the magic of this art seen live ", says in an interview with BNR Alexander Tekeliev, director of the State Opera - Burgas / the interview is from 30.04.2020 /

Here are some of the many positive comments about our shows, broadcast online, and garnered nearly 100,000 views:


Mariana Nikolova

Divine! "Ah, this musical!"


Minka Zhelyazkova

My favorite Linka Stoyanova, like Tosca !!! A wonderful show! - "Тоska"

Maria Dimitrova

I recommend! It is's unique! thanks ! - Bayadere 


Boriana Jossifova:

 Congratulations to all the wonderful performers! - Max and Moritz


Denis Ivanov

Great show… - "Madama Butterfly"


A. Zhelyazova

You are wonderful! Thanks - Patilantsi


Tihomir Mitev

Well done. You are wonderful. Talented unique. I wish you success! - "Sleeping Beauty"


Elsa Mogilkova Vacchio

Beauty! I like such costumes! Immersing yourself in Pinocchio Carlo Collodi would applaud loudly! - Pinocchio


Reni Petrova

I would add one more thing. I watched the Metropolitan, the Bolshoi, the Munich Opera, the Geneva Opera, and I watched this show live. Except that in the beginning, the sound was a little distracting because it is on an open stage, this production is not inferior in any way. And not only because Kamen Chanev is a world-class star. It's just that the staging is good. - Aida


Georgi Kostov

Lyudmila Mihailova is a singer who sang everything properly, but her artistic skills surprised me because they are not familiar to me. The construction of the role was great and the staging itself is very good, the direction of Alexander Tekeliev is great. Congratulations to the colleagues for their professional work and the joy they brought me! - The Four Twins


Ani Levi

Dear former colleagues, THANK YOU for the great pleasure you gave me with your wonderful outburst! The young singers are extremely talented. Success in the upcoming musical performances. Well done!!! - Gala concert of the laureates of the XVIII International Master Class of Raina Kabaivanska.


Rumi Dimitrova

Wonderful! I had the pleasure of watching you live! And now it's beautiful and touching again! Thanks! - "Swan Lake"


Kalina Angelova

Favorite musical in which I played for the first time on the stage of the Musical Theater with the great and unique Vidim Daskalov, Minko Bosev, Lili Kisiova, Zorka Dimitrova! You aroused my curiosity to watch you live! "Charlie's Aunt."


Elena Vincheva-Dimitrova

Thanks to the whole team for the wonderful experience! - "Cinderella"

Sarah Bisley Schneider

Terrific choreography - "Cinderella"


State Opera - Burgas congratulates all its friends, admirers, supporters in the pursuit of spiritual elevation and thanks for the loyalty and unceasing interest in cultural events, even in difficult times, even so far only online, with the performance of "You are beautiful, my forest", on the text by the Revival poet Lyuben Karavelov and music by Georgi Goranov.
The recording is from the live concert from the windows of the Conference Hall of the Municipality of Burgas for May 24 yesterday.
We hope you feel at least part of the emotion experienced at the concert itself.