25 june 2020 Unconventional And Unusually Exciting Concert At The Opera Hall Brilliant Young Soloists And Orchestra Conducted by Tsanislav Petkov

Last night the Opera Hall witnessed the most unusual concert - for its entire existence as a stage factor in Burgas. Conductors, soloists, orchestrators, and audiences were in sync not only with the canons of art and its aesthetic perception but also with modern new and old precautions, which have been in force since yesterday. It is certainly not easy to listen and shoot with a mask, but it is incomparable with the creative and purely physical effort of the artists on stage, who deserve the most sincere admiration!
The chamber concert was on a high level - both as a performance skill, and as a focus needed for such an unusual situation, and as an emotion conveyed to the audience, who, given the circumstances, respected the art of the performers and honored them with well-deserved applause.
The concert began with the Chamber Symphony №10 by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdi.
Soloist Daria Krasteva performed Piano Concerto №12 in A major by W.A. Mozart, and her tone extraction was remarkable - she caressed the keys, making them sing, from the quietest register, going through emotional gradation to the cheerful final chords. The master school of its teachers: Irina Ivanova, Vanya Peneva and Julia Nenova from NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Burgas, Prof. Yovcho Krushev and Prof. Dimo Dimov from NMA "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Sofia and Prof. Georgia Alessandra Brustia at the Claudio Monteverdi Conservatory, Bolzano, Italy, is tangible - through her interpretive skills and individual handwriting, based on professional accumulations, access to similar luminaries in piano pedagogy and many years of work and dedication to the instrument and awareness of the musician's mission.

A remarkable debut as a soloist of the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas made 12-year-old violinist Olga Doykova, a graduate of NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Burgas, with teachers Elena Kleppe and Lyudmila Ivanova, who performed "Sevdana" by Georgi Zlatev Cherkin. The young violinist told, through the means of musical art, the beautiful and tragic legend of Sevdana and her lover, the threat to their love and courage and determination, manifestation in the name of the most sacred human feeling, and the preservation of honor. With her beautiful vibrato, exceptional musicality and empathy for the message of the exciting play, Olga brought tears to the eyes of most of those present, proving that regardless of her age, she is gifted with the most important thing for an artist - to evoke emotion, to excite, to touch. to think and convey messages.
The concert program ended with "Serenade" by Antonin Dvorzhak, with a stylish and balanced sound of the orchestra. The concertmaster of the Burgas Opera Orchestra, which this evening was presented only by the musicians from the strеак, was Yordan Kovachev.

Congratulations also to maestro Tsanislav Petkov, who showed not only professionalism behind the counter, but also the necessary leadership qualities and self-control in such times of crisis.