18 february 2021 Yordan Dafov Celebrates His 81st Birthday

Today, February 18, maestro Yordan DAFOV, artistic director of the State Opera - Burgas, celebrates his 81st birthday!
We wish him to be healthy, still energetic, to continue to inspire respect, radiating radiant class behind the counter, and adhering to the high dimensions of art!

On February 25, maestro Yordan DAFOV will conduct the Burgas Opera Orchestra in a symphony concert.
The program will include his author's work "Morning Music", as well as works by WA Mozart, Marin Goleminov, and Benjamin Britton. Soloist - Rosen Idealov, clarinet, the concertmaster will be Vanya Zlateva.

Yordan DAFOV is one of the most emblematic representatives of the modern Bulgarian conducting school, known as a conductor with high musical culture and respected for his unique conducting technique.
He graduated from the Bulgarian State Conservatory in Sofia in the class of Prof. Konstantin Iliev. From 1970 to 1971, as a young conductor, he took a master class in analysis, composition, and aesthetics with Prof. Olivier Messaye at the Paris National Conservatory. In 1966 he began as a conductor of the Varna Philharmonic. In 1977 he was artistic director and chief conductor of the Burgas Philharmonic. At the beginning of 1981, he became the conductor of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, and at the same time, he was the chief conductor of the Tolbuhin Chamber Orchestra, which under his skillful baton managed to win the name of one of the best chamber ensembles in Bulgaria. From 1997 to 1999 he was artistic director and chief conductor of the Varna Philharmonic. Meanwhile, Maestro Dafov leads a master class with H. Faberman (USA). From November 2000 to May 2002 he was director and conductor of the Sofia Philharmonic. Known as a conductor in France, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, Poland, Hungary. He makes recordings for BNT and BNR, as well as for French and Swedish radio and Spanish television. He is the author of three symphonies, "Morning Music and Serenades" (for string orchestra), "In profile and full-face" (for large symphony orchestra), vocal music for instrumental chamber ensembles, theater music.

Coronation Mass by Mozart /17.09.2020, Hall of State Opera Burgas/